Thursday, 5 May 2016

Facebook Messenger’s Newest Call Feature

Don't you just love to talk to loved ones and keep those connections. The laughter? The vibe? The feeling? The kindness? The love? It's just a beauty. But sometimes, it can be time and money consuming and you may not be able to reach out to them due to this.
At other times, you would like to talk to those at work or school.

Now, Facebook has been doing a lot of recent and with its F8 event last month, a lot has been talked about. From chatbots and all to other interesting features still to come. And just recently, Facebook hit 1.65billion users. Wow! Mark sure isn't showing down, even after his baby mama, Chan gave him his little girl, Maxima, he's even more fired up than ever.
WhatsApp users in Brazil were recently blocked in Brazil for a whole day by a Brazilian judge but was allowed operation again. The ban which was meant to last for 72 hours, was lifted after an appeal.

Well, Facebook Messenger's newest call feature helps you achieve this feat. It lets you hear the voices of your entire family, literally. All you need to do is to tap the Phone icon, and then you select which of the group chat members that you want included in your call and they’ll all receive a Messenger call. Cool! This way I can call my family and colleagues all at once. Whew! That's a relief. And if you miss the initial call and find that the call is still in progress, you simply tap the Phone icon in the group chat to join the call. At any time you can see who’s on the call and send another ping to anyone who hasn't joined. Amazing!

Users can start a group VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) audio call from any group chat. The number of participants per call, Facebook says is 50. This feature is free on Android and iOS platforms. A Messenger spokesperson said, "There are situations where typing isn't enough and when people prefer talking to one another." Facebook began offering VolP in 2013 and right now there is no feature that allows for group video calling, but I'm sure we see that in the near future you.

Last year, Messenger started allowing all Facebook users to chat with each other even if they are not friends. Sometimes, strangers pings can be hidden in the Filtered Message Requests section under 'Settings', under 'People', under 'Message Requests', in 'Filtered Requests' segment. Messenger looks to replace your phone number by giving you options to help you keep check on your contacts. Unlike phone numbers where you have little control once someone knows your number, Messenger allows you to easily block people. I know right. Those meddling callers who just can't let you be. Hmmm! You're not alone. The ability to message you can’t be sold. Thanks to Facebook’s spam detection systems, it’s not easy for someone to create a new Facebook account with which to you. Messenger could serve as a better replacement for Skype, and even let you set up easy conference calls with people whose numbers you don’t have. Interesting!

That would be really nice as Skype requires a person's number but if it works out as Facebook plans, Messenger would not require any number to make a live video call to anyone you know. All that would be needed would be for such a person to be among your friends list.
Really nice! Keep keeping it real.

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