Sunday, 1 May 2016

Tech For Thought

Technology is in, virtually all we do and work  with today. It's interwoven, so to speak, into the lifestyle of people in our world today. From business and finance, to fashion, from health and fitness to transportation, and a whole lot more. Today, we can use smartphones to know how healthy we are, or what changes we need to make to lead healthier lifestyles. There are apps that help one organize and plan . There are Smart-Homes; Smart-wardrobes, Smart-Kitchens, 'Smart Everything.'

The use and relevance of technology in our world today cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes I wonder if one could live without some of these technologies available to us today (just saying).
The health sector today has had so many advancements in technology and is yet to have even a lot more in this regard. Simply put, it's just getting started. Knowing your health status is getting easier, more accessible and more affordable for the average individual than ever before.

Technology, which simply is a method of doing things dates back to the beginning of time and creation, and how that God created the world and everything there is in 7 days with His "spoken words." I say that is the first method of achieving creations, by spoken words and I know it may sound crazy to some persons but it's true. That, of course, is when you speak the right words and back it up with the right actions.

Today we have all kinds of technologies and improvements on those technologies as well, which have all grown and undergone changes over the centuries. The human mind can be used to create and recreate things and that's why we have subject matters like Telekinesis which is associated with movement of things with ones mind, thoughts. But besides that the mind powerful and can be used by anyone to recreate their world by harnessing the mind. Of course, there are cases of those who abuse it (abnormal use). The mind is indeed a powerful tool in creation.

In our world today, we have a myriad of technologies available to us and used in countless things. We have vehicles that move both on land and in water, and did we forget to mention the auto-pilot (self-driving) cars that are being developed today, with voice commands and motion-sensor features. Houses which run on software programs; voice recognition, and more, having different functionalities, apps that help you organize your wardrobe and others that help you keep an eye on your kitchen inventory.

Talking about apps, there are apps for literally any and everything you can possibly think of. They are an essential part of living life in our jet age today and still, there are lots of people especially in third-world countries that do not have access to a large sum of these technologies. Pitiful or Pretty cool? Just asking, considering the fact that some persons, especially in third-world nations, who see some technologies as intrusive and somewhat harmful. And who would blame them? After all there's really no hiding place for anyone on the Internet or social media. Now don't get me wrong, technology is beautiful but not all human minds are (just saying).

There are cases where we face technological ills like cyber crimes, identity theft and all that stuff. But the benefits outweigh the detriments. I guess it's more a question of 'who' is using the technology, than 'why' the technology. Most technologies and technological ideas, are inspirational and are intended for inspiration and good.

Use technology wisely to create and inspire and help others, just like we are doing now by reading and writing this post. 😁 Ciao!

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