Thursday, 28 January 2016

Facebook And Periscope Showdown

Facebook is adding yet another new feature to the social network. This is long awaited live streaming just like Twitter's Periscope app, only a bit different in the sense that, Periscope is a separate app from Twitter and can stream videos which can only replay for about 24hrs, but Facebook's feature is integrated into the social network and allows replays to live on permanently.
Just so you know, if you didn't, Periscope was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in 2014 and later acquired in January 2015 by Twitter just before the product was to be launched publicly and then, Twitter launched Periscope in March of 2015.
Periscope helps you stream videos live to the rest of the world, to as many Periscope users and YES there are over 10 million accounts worldwide. Cool right?
Just in case, you can follow on Periscope @bobeetell ; )
Well, back to the showdown, Facebook today, is opening its live stream feature to all iPhone users in the U.S. : (
Hope you guys make it available all over soon, especially here in Nigeria.
This feature appears on your status update as a "Live button" besides ones for photos , stickers and locations.
Good News! Android is on the way! : )
Face book opened this feature to big celebrities and then to journalists and public figures and now to U.S. iPhone users.
Can't wait for this feature to be open to us here in Nigeria and also for android users. Really looking forward to that. You would then be able to livestream events, DIYs and more on your Facebook app.
With more users the Facebook feature promises to be epic (at least that's what I think) and especially since it's integrated into the app.
The Meerkat app is also a streaming app which allows live video streams.
In this jet age, the world is in your palms, literally. Reaching so many people all at once has never been this easy.
One more reason "I love this Jet Age" *winks*.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Drones Are Taking Over!

Are the drones taking over?
In most parts of the world, drones are sited hovering over rooftops for one purpose or another.
In Nigeria, drones are creeping gradually into our air space for several purposes such as Cinematography and photography, surveillance and shopping delivery, YES Shopping Delivery!
Just last year Yudala, an online and offline retail chain located in Lagos Nigeria, made their first delivery to a customer using a drone.
Awesome Right? I know!
Did you know that drones that convey people from one place to another have been developed?
Aerodrome is working with the city of Boulder, Nevada US, to launch the first commercial drone airport - The Eldorado Droneport.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA US) about 4 days ago announced that almost three hundred thousand (300,000) drone owners have now used its online registration system for drones weighing more than 250g.
There are also tiny selfie drones, which take pictures using smile and obstacle recognition technology.
This technology is cool but of course has its good and bad sides but in all, the benefits outweigh the ills.

What do You think of this technology? Nice or Nuisance?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

What Are You Doing With Technology?

Technology is what you think it is, is not what you're thinking it is and is what you think it's not...
Okay that's just off, lol! Well, look at it this way, Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder as "Technology Is In The Mind and Hands of The Builder and User".
In other words, Technology can be good or bad but it depends on the person using it.
Good or Bad, You Choose!
Choose Wisely! Choose Goodly!! Choose Godly!!! ;-) 

New Apps And What They Do.

So here's the KnowMe app and what it does for you. Created by Andrew Jarecki, this app helps you create video clips "on the go". You can record clips and mix them with photos on your smartphone, "tap and talk" over photos and share on your social media. Talk about a stream-video-maker on the go.

Movesum is a health tracking app that counts steps like other health apps only Better. Number of steps I take is cool but Movesum equates it to actual food and beverage portions. For instance if I take 3000 steps, it tells me I've burnt an entire burger or shawarma or a glass of beer or something (not that I drink beer anyway).
Motivated by the fact that I can know what calories I'm burning by walking, although the question arises for Nigerians: How Much Garri Am I Burning?(not included). LOL!

Apple's Music Memos
Apple's Music Memos helps musicians and songwriters tune their instruments and analyze the rhythm of their track as well as record cool freestyles on the app and share content directly to Apple Music's Connect.
Available to iOS users only for now.

China's Oppo Sold 50M Smartphones In 2015

Chinese smartphone maker, Oppo is shaking the android market. It said today that it sold 50 million smartphones in the full year 2015.
Ranked No.8 in the market, it's giving certain other brands a run for their money, the top two of course been Samsung and Apple.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Who Gets Tired Of Supermarket Visits? is an Online Supermarket in Nigeria and with their recent 2-hr express grocery delivery service, homemakers like You can now avoid those long visits to the supermarket. With everything from grocery to beauty products to kitchen supplies, books and media. Shopping's just been made a whole lot simpler!
Look at it this way, you save gas, ditch the waiting queues all by a simple click.
Cool right?
One more reason to love the Jet Age!

See What Facebook's New Feature Does For You.

Here's the latest Facebook feature. In the quest to conquer the social media space, Facebook is increasing its focus on sports after the social network announced a new feature to enable users follow games and commentary around them.
So this is one more hit for all sport lovers as Facebook introduces "Facebook Sports Stadium", a destination inside the social network that displays play-by-play coverage of sports matches, alongside comments from a user's Facebook friends, analysts and experts, alongside other game and play information.
Talk about ESPN and other score sites on social steroids.
This feature is live in the US now and covering American Football Games and only available for iOS app users. The social network said it will support other sports around the world like basketball, soccer and more soon in the coming weeks and is planning to make this feature more visible and accessible soon.
Well, one more reason why I just love living in this JET AGE.
Born For Such A Time As This. GRATEFUL! ;-)

Music Just Got Better! Here's Apple's New Recorder App For Musicians.

Apple released Music Memos, a recorder app for musicians. An app that helps you as a musician or songwriter to tune your instruments and even analyze the rhythm of your track and add in backing band with drums and funky bassline. Cool right?
Well, they say "Together Everyone Achieves More", so thanks to iCloud, you can open a music memo track in one of the programs (on the app which boasts deep integration with Garageband and Logic) and start turning it into a song immediately.
Artistes can share dope freestyles recorded directly from the app to Apple music's Connect.
This App is available now as a free download to iOS users in the App store.