Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Drones Are Taking Over!

Are the drones taking over?
In most parts of the world, drones are sited hovering over rooftops for one purpose or another.
In Nigeria, drones are creeping gradually into our air space for several purposes such as Cinematography and photography, surveillance and shopping delivery, YES Shopping Delivery!
Just last year Yudala, an online and offline retail chain located in Lagos Nigeria, made their first delivery to a customer using a drone.
Awesome Right? I know!
Did you know that drones that convey people from one place to another have been developed?
Aerodrome is working with the city of Boulder, Nevada US, to launch the first commercial drone airport - The Eldorado Droneport.
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA US) about 4 days ago announced that almost three hundred thousand (300,000) drone owners have now used its online registration system for drones weighing more than 250g.
There are also tiny selfie drones, which take pictures using smile and obstacle recognition technology.
This technology is cool but of course has its good and bad sides but in all, the benefits outweigh the ills.

What do You think of this technology? Nice or Nuisance?

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