Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cronzy: The Pen That Would Let You Draw In Over 16 million Colours

How hard is it to express yourself with colours? I mean, how well do you know your colours? How many colour pens do you carry around as an illustrator, a writer or as a regular guy or girl who just like to draw stuff when it's convenient? Lots I guess. Especially if you are an art-on-paper type person.

Quite frankly, I'm not very good with my colours, despite the fact that I am into a bit of fashion (and if you didn't know that about me, you're welcome), but beyond that, how hard can it be to get the right colours for your illustrations, charts, and drawings as a designer or illustrator? 

I can remember countless times in the past (way back in junior high school) when I'd try to get a particular colour to make a drawing. It used to be really difficult and even when I'm trying to make fashion designs with coloured pens, it first of all is an "ish" picking out the right pens and colours to help me with my work. 

Well, Cronzy is a pen that would give you the ability to draw anything on paper in any colour you find attractive. Just find a colour you like and would want to use in your drawing or illustration, and scan it with the back of your Cronzy pen, and write and make your drawings. I think. Ok, just like that? Well let's try and see if we can learn a little more about this "Wonder" pen and also, just how this thing should work again. 

Cronzy is a pen that enables you make notes and colourful sketches in over 16 million different colours. It works with a smartphone application and all you have to do is scan any object with a certain colour or click on the application on your smartphone, pick a colour you like and start drawing or writing. Amazing! 

With Cronzy, all the colours of the world are in your pocket. Literally. Why buy a pack of coloured pens of different colours, when you can just buy one in place of millions? My thought exactly. Imagine carrying around the different colours of coloured pens you can find, in your backpack just to be able to create sketches and drawings any time and on the go. WEIRD! That isn't going to be necessary, coz with just one pen - Cronzy - you can easily have all of those options readily available to you.

There is a "colour scanner" built into the body of the pen which helps you scan any colour you like and recreate it wherever you want. You sketchpad, canvas, notepad, or even on your skin if you so desire. It's just fascinating that I have to really say it again. Point your pen at any coloured object, like your bag or your shoes or something else, scan it and the ink colour becomes the same as that of the object you scanned.

It comes in black and silver colours, has a charging case which has a port for power supply, comes in 5 interchangeable tips of different diameters, 2 sets of cartridges with ink, and instructions. Now that is a whole lot of features right there. The Cronzy pen is loaded with a capacitive Li-Po battery that would make it possible to use Cronzy for a few days in between charging. Cronzy pen's main mechanism is based on solenoid valves that are used in various devices.

"For the production of Cronzy pen, we are planning to use materials of the very highest quality,"... the Cronzy team says "At this stage, we already have a working prototype, so we are expecting to start production and delivery very soon." 

The Cronzy team has raised over $150,000 USD worth of funds on Indiegogo site, and hopes to start mass production and shipping by May 2017, next year.

Well that's one pen I would love to own, for $300, I say bring it on! Hey, owning it for me would kinda like be an achievement as well as a plus for my fashion and art side. 

A luxury worthy of ownership, I must say. Gotta love the tech age. 
Live it! Own it! Shalom!

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