Saturday, 26 March 2016

The iOS 9.3 Brings Apple School Manager, Night Shift Mode, And More.

I'm sure I'd you're an iOS device user,  you've already your version to the iOS 9.3 and are already exploring its new features and all. The iOS 9.3 is now available for download... Okay! Like that's any news right now. The update was made available for download on the 21st of March and is already being explored by users. As a matter of truth, updates are made automatically for old version, to the newly updated version. One feature however, that is interesting to me amongst others is, the "Night Shift" mode feature that makes your iOS device display easier on your eyes.

You know how it is with the eyes and blue light, especially at night, well, this feature enables the device adjust its display to soothe your eyes at night so as to not disturb your sleep at night.
Now, this is what happens: the Night Shift feature will slowly shift the iOS device's color palette at night time to eliminate the blue light and its ability to disrupt our sleep patterns.
Google Play Books recently did the same thing, though Apple users might be more familiar with this feature, all thanks to an app called F.lux for Mac devices and also its jailbreak version for iOS devices.

On Apple's Preview Site for the new software, it said "Night Shift" uses your iOS device's clock and geolocation to determine when it's sunset in your location. Then it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes. In the morning it returns the display to its regular settings.
When it gets late in the day, the device automatically makes adjustments. Amazon and Apple are both offering this setting on their platforms, thereby creating competition. Loving it!

This feature has become a new standard feature for mobile devices, as more users read on their phones and tablets before going to bed and sometimes face sleep disturbances. Do I?
Well, it doesn't matter, at least you know about it, as do I, so we're good.
Anyways, Greg Joswiak of Apple, who also made the announcement of the release date for the iOS 9.3, also said that the free update was one of the biggest 'dot' releases yet. He said this during the company's "Let us loop you in" event held in Cupertino.

The Notes app has also been upgraded to include support for Touch ID, which means you can secure access to the app, where a number of people casually record things like medical details and password. Now you'll be able to make it so you have to enter a pass code or use your fingerprint to launch Notes, depending on your preference. You can also sort your notes by date created, date modified or alphabetically, says Apple. Cool!

The News app is now more personalized in iOS 9.3 as you have access to more suggestions for things like trending topics and Editor's pick.
It even plays video in your feed and supports landscape mode on your iPhone.
The Health app makes it easier for you to find third-party health apps.

'New' and 'For You' recommendations from Apple music are the latest features added to Carplay in 9.3.
Also, a "Nearby" feature from Maps that helps you find gas, parking, restaurants and more.

Now onto Education, the iOS 9.3 introduces more features that make for a better iOS-in-the-classroom experience like the addition of a single portal for school admins called "Apple School Manager," support for a new kind of ID for education called "Managed Apple IDs," a new classroom app for teachers, and support for a shared iPad for students.
The focus is to offer schools, admins and teachers more tools for using Apple devices in the classroom.
Really thoughtful indeed!

Go get yours now, if you haven't.
I'm getting mine now... On my Android phone. Lols! 😁

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