Friday, 28 October 2016

Microsoft Surface Studio Release:Talk To Me.

Microsoft has rolled out its New desktop for artists and designers, called Surface Studio. This it did at an event in New York on Wednesday this week. The 28-inch all-in-one desktop flattens out into a digital drafting table, giving brands like Apple, a run for their money. Last year Microsoft gave us the Surface Book and now the Surface Studio, which I think is simply an indication of how much serious hardware chops Microsoft has up its sleeves, as well as their commitment to make things that are not just new, but FRESH.

Microsoft named it "Studio" because it is aimed at giving "Creatives" like designers, architects, engineers, and illustrators all the tools and power they need to practice their craft as well as perform everyday computing tasks such as email and web browsing, all in one place. Microsoft took many of the features design themes, and materials from the Surface tablets and the Surface Book laptop and applied them to a machine for the desktop. This is the first one it has ever designed and marketed.

Like other Surfaces the Studio uses the pressure-sensitive Surface Pen as an input device. The Studio's version is similar to the one that shipped with the Surfsce Pro 4, but this one has some upgraded electronics.
The Studio's other input device is an optional rotary dial that sits directly on the touchscreen and calls up contextual menus, which the display situates around its bas. The Dial as it is called, is a prime example of Microsoft's effort to blend real-world experiences with digital ones in the interest of helping creative types stay in the zone.

According to Microsoft's Corporate VP of devices, Brian Hall, "One goal is to have a set of products that we know categorically people can pull out of their bag and feel proud to have, in a way that still runs Windows. Frankly, that has been a bit of a gap,"

Some outstanding features of the Surface Studio, besides its flexibility, which would definitely endear you to it are its ability to adjust colour settings based on particular use cases, its unique 3:2 aspect ratio, and its foldability that turns your Surface Studio device into a desktop drafting table, to mention but a few. Amazing!

"I'm seeing my five-year-old go to touch every screen, and being surprised when the screens aren't touch. We know that generation growing up is going to only expect it... I touch my work display all day, but then I've got to wipe the fingerprints off. It's only to point to things," says Cronan.
This indeed goes to show the were technology is moving towards in and would be in the near future. Surfaces would be mostly "Touch" even kitchen cabinets. Sounds nice eey?

 The Surface Studio lets you sketch directly on your display. An amazing about it is that it doesn't just look like a better all-in-one PC, but it's more like a whole new category of device.
Surface itself is a big business, bringing in billions of dollars of revenue. The Surface just takes PC desirability to a whole new level. The Surface Book did that for engineers and now the Surface Studio is doing it for artists and designers. Now how cool is that?

Ezra Gotthiel of Technology Business Research had this to say "By generating interest in high end Windows capabilities, Microsoft builds the market for high end Windows devices from all vendors."
Now this baby sits at a gorgeous $3000 and then goes up to about $4200 for a fully loaded version, which is about 1.35 to 1.89million Naira. That's a sum alright, but worth it.

Panos Panay, Microsoft's hardware chief says, "What we wanted to do with this product is take you from being the most productive person to the most creative person, and bring them as close together as you possibly could be... that when you went to your desk, your desk was transformed to a studio."

Well said I must say. Well done Microsoft! Can't wait to get me one of these to help me be more productive with my art. A part of my life I have left fallow for a really long time now.
Who knows, this might just be what I need to help re-ignite that fire once again. It's Life in a tech age baby. Live It! To the full too.

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