Saturday, 7 May 2016 Wants You To Buy Nigeria To Strengthen The Naira

Shopping online is an interesting subject matter to me and I don't really know why, but I guess it's just the craze that comes along with it. And no, I'm not a shopaholic.

With the turn of the economies recently, all sorts of campaigns have hit the Nigerian commerce space, all preaching one thing and one thing only which is, "Buy Nigeria to strengthen the Naira."
Yes indeed, buy Nigeria and strengthen the Naira because the markets are not exactly smiling.

With the Naira's recent plummet and even fluctuation if you would say, Nigerians have been advised to buy our "Made in Nigeria" goods in order to give the Naira some value, and yes we need to do that. We cannot keep on patronizing other products from outside the country, while we have to an extent, some good Nigerian products that we can make use of and derive same, or close, or even better satisfaction from.

It is as only normal for stores to take advantage of the situation and try to offer buyers, made in Nigeria goods as a way of strengthening the purchasing power of the Naira. That is what is doing. is an online supermarket and grocery delivery service that is encouraging the purchase of locally made products.
This it is doing as it launched its proudly Nigerian campaign early last month. It's labelling all locally produced goods with a "Proudly Nigerian" stamp, thereby making it easier for customers to identify and buy products made in Nigeria, which I think is really good.

Co-CEO, Raphael Afaedor speaking during the launch last month, said they did a test-run in the months of February and March. "What we have seen is that when customers know what is produced in Nigeria versus what is imported, they are likely to choose local equivalents in a significant number of cases; today's customer wants to make an impact through what they buy" he says. "We have seen a 32% increase in the purchase of local products since we started promoting locally made goods." He's right for the most part because some Nigerians are really looking to patronize proudly Nigerian products lately. I am one of them. Let's do ourselves a favor please.

Gbolahan Fagbure, Co-CEO also said, "We’re not one to jump on a band wagon but for the last couple of months, we've been promoting homegrown goods." He said that all made in Nigeria goods on their site, has a tag on them which reads "Proudly Nigerian".
"If you're thinking of substituting more foreign imports for locally produced items, there is no better place than" says Fagbure.

This is just great as it is beneficial to local farmers and companies and to the Nigerian economy. I really do hope a lot of Nigerians would wake up to this and embrace it.
Celebrate our own. Make use of our own. Patronize it. Promote it. Be Proud of it. Encourage it. Tell someone about it... I think that's it.

I've got love for Naija. Naija na we own o! Make we join hands together build am. Cause at the end of the day, it's what we've got. It's our homeland, and nothing can change that. It's a beautiful place, where money is all around us but we are not really opening our eyes to see it. There's more to us than meets the eye(especially more than our "oil"). Open up your mind. This land is blessed. So blessed by God. Don't let anyone deceive you. Support the sale and purchase of locally made goods.

Well, I guess this is my own campaign right now.
A Vote for Locally Made Products(LMP), is a Vote for the Naira. Vote LMP, vote Proudly Nigerian.

LMP! Power To The Naira! Lol!

God bless the Naira . God bless Nigeria. The most awesome nation in the world. Carry go jor!

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