Monday, 2 May 2016

Isono Health Is Getting You A Breast Cancer Scanner At Home

Breast cancer is a seeming menace to lots of women around the globe today and has attracted quite a lot of attention with several support programs for ex-breast cancer patients and awareness campaigns about the existence, symptoms, extent of damage, check, prevention.
Breast cancer can be controlled by regular checks which help women in knowing if they have it or not.

That is what iSono Health, a new startup wants to help you with. Isono Health wants to make it easier for women to screen their breasts for cancer, from the comfort of their own home.
Now we know that breast cancer can be checked by the conventional method which is pressing on the breasts, observing, checking for lumps and bumps and pains, and if any then if any, they have to pay a visit to the doctor, who then screens their breast for any cancer. 

Well, iSono Health wants to do just that, but intends to skip the part where you have to go for scans or see the doctor to observe or screen your "girls". It will do this by creating a 3D ultrasound that attaches to a wearable (bra-like) for automatic and repeatable imaging at home. And guess what? It takes only 2 minutes to do it. It's also radiation-free and women can do it monthly to detect and track any changes. This is a safe and convenient method. It allows for regular and convenient breast health monitoring at home. It would make things a whole lot easier for the ladies. 

The wearable is like a bra accessory. There's the iSono app which works with something called "CoCo scanner. The CoCo scanner is kind of like a cone shape with its tip removed, like what is known as a" frustum" in geometry. The bra (which is what I refer to as the wearable) has two circular openings or rings, just about the size of the circular-patched, nipple area on the breast (ladies you know better). The CoCo device fits into the ring with the smaller end pressing gently on the breast. 

First of all, you comfortably wear the accessory, then gently attach the CoCo scanner to any of the rings. Open the iSono app and press "scan". The app works with the CoCo device to scan the breast for any changes or abnormalities. The scan is completed in about one minute. Then you repeat the same process for the other breast. The scan completes and the software will process the results and tag any changes. Now this is where your doctor comes in. You send the images from your scan to your doctor who analyzes and sends you a feedback via the app. And just like that, you've done your monthly breast cancer check with ease, from the comfort of your home. 

Now I know you're wondering, what's the CoCo device made of that makes it a scanner? Beats me. But the CoCo device has a base which is used in charging it, so at least we know it works with a charge and electricity. The app notifies you to schedule your next scan in one month, so as to keep you constantly on check. I think this technology is helpful and though I may not understand what you ladies go through, I think this is a welcome technology. It's cool. Good for you. Okay that's enough hype and bonding, thank you very much. 

Just so you know, Maryam Ziaei, is the CEO and co-founder of iSono Health, while Shadi Saberi is the CTO and co-founder as well. All ladies. Typical indeed. That's why they're so passionate about this. Maryam is passionate about connected medical devices and digital health platforms, and has a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Stanford. Shadi loves solving problems in health care and has a Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon. 

Wooo! Rock On Ladies! ✌

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