Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Here Comes Jongla, A Light Messaging App

Just how light are messaging apps? Well Jongla, an instant messaging app in January of 2015, claimed to have the lightest Android instant messaging app in the world. With features that enable users send text messages, images, videos, push-to-talk messages, location info and stickers, one would swear that using it would be expensive due to the features. Not just that, users can create group chats with up to 100 members, and send a message to many users with a broadcast feature just like the WhatsApp. And after all of these features, it's just a 2.5MB in download size. Pretty light indeed.

Jongla is a Finland-based company founded by Arto Boman, located in Helsinki, with other offices in Jakarta, Indonesia. The service makes use of users mobile data plan, Wi-Fi networks, as well as 4G, 3G, GPRS, and EDGE.

Jongla announced last month, during the Mobile West Africa conference held in Lagos Nigeria, on the 20th and 21st of April, that it is launching its fast, open and lite instant messaging app in Africa. This it said, noting that cellular and data services in Africa are often unreliable and expensive, and this app would open up the world of free instant messaging to people in these parts.

Jongla uses innovative technology to reduce bandwidth usage, thereby helping people save their data plan, as well as their money. This makes it easy to use, more often, and in more places.

With Jongla, voice messaging is more fun as you can add fun filters to your voice messages to make them sound like you're someone else, and even like an animal. This is due to a unique embedded voice effects studio.
Push-to-talk voice messages of up to one minute in length can be recorded and shared with friends. Also, chatting with other Jongla users, as well as non-Jongla users, is possible. Jongla lets you chat with all your phone book contacts and if a contact does not have the app installed, they can chat via a web app for Jongla without downloading or registering. And it's absolutely free. Awesome stuff!
You can set a personal passcode lock, keeping your chats private.

Riku Salminen, the CEO of Jongla said that the company has made instant messaging possible for people who don't have high-end smartphones and live and work in areas where access to mobile broadband is limited.
In his words, he says, "We chose Nigeria to launch Jongla in Africa because we know that many people are frustrated with the present user experience that most of the IM apps offer. We have been able to solve various technical challenges without needing to compromise on functionality."
Yes indeed, we are frustrated with user experiences in these parts. 'Data Exhausting'. That's the word.

"Users want something more fun and personal than just basic messaging to connect with friends and family," Riku says. "We believe in a world where everyone can communicate instantly, freely and securely from anywhere and with anyone regardless of where they live, which phone they have and which network they can access," Riku said.

The Jongla team is working on the addition of new social and collaborative features to Jongla that will exceed conventional messaging. It intends to launch these features in a few months from now.

Am I not downloading my version right now already? You bet I am. Right away. Jongla On! Hmmm! This music is really good. Wait, what? Never mind. Shopping on the store. The way we roll in the Tech Age. 😜

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