Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New Apps And What They Do.

So here's the KnowMe app and what it does for you. Created by Andrew Jarecki, this app helps you create video clips "on the go". You can record clips and mix them with photos on your smartphone, "tap and talk" over photos and share on your social media. Talk about a stream-video-maker on the go.

Movesum is a health tracking app that counts steps like other health apps only Better. Number of steps I take is cool but Movesum equates it to actual food and beverage portions. For instance if I take 3000 steps, it tells me I've burnt an entire burger or shawarma or a glass of beer or something (not that I drink beer anyway).
Motivated by the fact that I can know what calories I'm burning by walking, although the question arises for Nigerians: How Much Garri Am I Burning?(not included). LOL!

Apple's Music Memos
Apple's Music Memos helps musicians and songwriters tune their instruments and analyze the rhythm of their track as well as record cool freestyles on the app and share content directly to Apple Music's Connect.
Available to iOS users only for now.

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