Monday, 25 January 2016

See What Facebook's New Feature Does For You.

Here's the latest Facebook feature. In the quest to conquer the social media space, Facebook is increasing its focus on sports after the social network announced a new feature to enable users follow games and commentary around them.
So this is one more hit for all sport lovers as Facebook introduces "Facebook Sports Stadium", a destination inside the social network that displays play-by-play coverage of sports matches, alongside comments from a user's Facebook friends, analysts and experts, alongside other game and play information.
Talk about ESPN and other score sites on social steroids.
This feature is live in the US now and covering American Football Games and only available for iOS app users. The social network said it will support other sports around the world like basketball, soccer and more soon in the coming weeks and is planning to make this feature more visible and accessible soon.
Well, one more reason why I just love living in this JET AGE.
Born For Such A Time As This. GRATEFUL! ;-)

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