Thursday, 28 January 2016

Facebook And Periscope Showdown

Facebook is adding yet another new feature to the social network. This is long awaited live streaming just like Twitter's Periscope app, only a bit different in the sense that, Periscope is a separate app from Twitter and can stream videos which can only replay for about 24hrs, but Facebook's feature is integrated into the social network and allows replays to live on permanently.
Just so you know, if you didn't, Periscope was developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in 2014 and later acquired in January 2015 by Twitter just before the product was to be launched publicly and then, Twitter launched Periscope in March of 2015.
Periscope helps you stream videos live to the rest of the world, to as many Periscope users and YES there are over 10 million accounts worldwide. Cool right?
Just in case, you can follow on Periscope @bobeetell ; )
Well, back to the showdown, Facebook today, is opening its live stream feature to all iPhone users in the U.S. : (
Hope you guys make it available all over soon, especially here in Nigeria.
This feature appears on your status update as a "Live button" besides ones for photos , stickers and locations.
Good News! Android is on the way! : )
Face book opened this feature to big celebrities and then to journalists and public figures and now to U.S. iPhone users.
Can't wait for this feature to be open to us here in Nigeria and also for android users. Really looking forward to that. You would then be able to livestream events, DIYs and more on your Facebook app.
With more users the Facebook feature promises to be epic (at least that's what I think) and especially since it's integrated into the app.
The Meerkat app is also a streaming app which allows live video streams.
In this jet age, the world is in your palms, literally. Reaching so many people all at once has never been this easy.
One more reason "I love this Jet Age" *winks*.

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