Saturday, 19 March 2016

Microsoft's Plumbago And What It Does For You

Microsoft is definitely not backing out on new innovations and more ways to keep its customers active and longing for more. It's Plumbago is a one-of-a-kind Paper App Competitor that lets you sketch or handwrite notes. Pretty cool right? With the office suite's popular note-taking app, one would wonder why or what else could be new or different about this one, but the Plumbago focuses on how note-taking should work on tablets that support touch-based input and stylus. Plumbago is a digital notebook application for Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets that allows the user to handwrite text, highlight, and also sketch and draw using either pen or pencil strokes across a device's screen. Basically, it helps you capture your ideas and organize them in notebooks. I say the app is similar to the Paper by Fifty three, a note-taking and sketching app for iOS devices. Talk about competition! Hmmm! Tell me about it. The app is the newest from the company's brood-and-cook house (in my own words), Microsoft garage. According to Microsoft, the app also makes use of a technology called "handwriting beautification", which involves efficient stroke-matching across thousands written by users. These strokes provide more consistent and easier-to-read handwriting, which results in a more consistent, beautified look for your handwritten notes(at this point I'm thinking I need me this app to make my writing better because trust me you do not want to see my real handwriting). Anyway my writing doesn't matter cuz I've got keyboards and keypads and all these technological gadgets to help me; one of the reasons why I love these words from the Bible "I was born for such a time as this" (me paraphrasing), the easy life at our beck-and-call. I guess you're wondering what kind of a name is "Plumbago"? Well, it's actually an English word; an old-fashioned term for graphite and as you know graphite is used in Lead pencils. It also means leadwort, an evergreen flowering shrub or climber which is widely distributed in warm regions, pronounced "ploom-ei-go" (ok this is not an English transcribing class). With Plumbago, your writings and drawings can span pages due to the fact that it supports "infinite paper". To navigate through the notebook, you simply swipe the surface of the page as though you are flipping a real notebook. Awesome stuff yeah? Pages can also come in other Hues other than white. There are yellow ruled papers with pink margin line, grid papers, music sheets, and more. The Plumbago has been cooking for about 2 years now. Larry Zitnick developed the handwriting beautification and ink rendering technology. This app is a joint effort between him, Gavin Jancke; Microsoft Research's GM of engineering, and others on Microsoft's Research Advanced Development Team. Wow! Indeed Together Everyone Achieves More .Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. I'm getting me a Windows 8.1 tablet or I'll make it a 10, plus the all-new Plumbago app and it's a free download on the Windows Store. Score!!!

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