Sunday, 8 May 2016

Tick Tock: Time Seems Faster In A Tech Age

Tick Tock, Tick Tock! The clock keeps on ticking. Everyone must do for himself/herself what they must and fast too. Time is our friend but never waits for us. We must keep up with it no matter what. Everyone's got 24 hours and keeping up with it doesn't make it smile at you and wait for you. At least not in the natural, if you know what I mean.

Life is of times and seasons and seasons come and go, but what we do with every passing minute is what makes the difference. We could choose to use our time well, or not so well. The choice is ours.

In Greek terminology, two words are used to refer to time but have different applications. The words "Kairos" and "Chronos", kairos having to do with a qualitative, permanent nature, while chronos is quantitative.
Kairos refers to a "period" or "season," a moment of time within which an event of significance happens, according to 'Wiki.'

Bringing it to the Bible and New testament, the word kairos means the appointed time in God's purpose. It refers to the opportune time or appointed time when God acts. Chronos on the other hand refers to a specific amount of time, such as a day or an hour.
Ok Greek scholar wanna-be, that's enough lecture for one day, thank you very much. 🙏

Now where was I? Oh right. Ever get the feeling that time is just passing by you? Time is just cruel to you? Yes, been there. Time just runs so fast that there's barely enough time for anything.
With work, bills to pay, kids to raise (who by the way, grow up so fast) and everything else, why can't time just take it slow?

Well, time isn't running. It's actually walking. More like strolling. Ha!
We just aren't doing the right things. Or rather, we just get ourselves caught up with running around something else that isn't really meant for us. Myself inclusive.

Now don't get me wrong, anyone can succeed at almost any field with hardwork and persistence, but truth is, one thing would be missing. It's "Fulfilment."
Not that you couldn't achieve a certain success in such an area, and not like everyone is created and given a stamp on their forehead of what they're meant to do. Well, it's possible.
My point is, sometimes we can loose "Focus" and derail or slow down a lot more than we ought to whether we approach speed bumps in life or not. It just happens sometimes and the only one responsible for that is that person you see in the "Mirror." Yeah! Take a real good look at that person. Time just strolls, as it has always done. Everything is faster, but time has never been faster than it is today. We humans just tend to run fast in a direction, sometimes, that is in the opposite, which of course seems to us like time is faster, but in actual sense we are often times, slowed down by our very own selves because no matter how you run on a treadmill, you never really get anywhere. We're just on the same spot.

Big "Ish" is we are the ones who slow ourselves down while time strolls by, waving us goodbye. Take a good look at the Mirror again. Oh my! It's me!

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we were created for a purpose and until you find that purpose, "Time" will zoom pass you like a Supersonic jet. Period!

Every great leader of our age and beyond found or has found something that made them great. The very thing that they could die for. A "Cause" you may call it. And at the end of their life time (chronos) most of them would say they have found great fulfilment in doing what they did.

The great Apostle Paul of the Bible, "I have finished the race and I have kept the faith."

In the end, time (kairos and chronos) is in "His" Hands and we will stand and tell of what, with it we did. God. Father, Spirit, Son. All in one. Jehovah! Now this is what you've probably heard before so I'll let you think on it.

Well, Tick Tock! Time is still running right now. Oh sorry, it's walking and Every man has equal share.
Walk and "Work" with it.
So No, time isn't faster.

Time itself doesn't change. We do. It doesn't have to, We should. 📆⌚

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