Monday, 6 June 2016

What Auto Makers Are Working On

Automobiles in the tech age are just getting started on features, and different auto manufacturers are bringing something new to us every passing year. With improved braking systems, electrification, motion sensor and auto pilot systems.

Autos in the tech age are getting us to that point where we can say driving a car today is an experience somewhat straight out of a futuristic movie from the 90's or there about. And it's techage-alicious!

Just think about it, a car system that detects the possibility of a collision with another car ahead and applies the brakes, in a situation where the driver doesn't do so quick enough. It's amazing!

Well, this and more is what auto manufacturers are doing or should I say, working on.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) system as the name implies, is a system that engages the brakes of a car at any slight detection of a possible collision with another car, in case the driver isn't really quick to do so.

Toyota is among the companies doing so and both Toyota and Lexus have said that they are working on getting nearly every Toyota and Lexus model, a standard AEB system by 2017.

Many models of both brands have the AEB system offered to customers but only on extra payment packages.
The company says that by the end of next year, majority of its models will have the AEB installed at no extra cost, except for the Lexus GS, Toyota 4Runner and Toyota 86.

This move by Toyota, is one that is ahead of Honda which is making Honda sensing system that includes AEB technology which comes as an opt-in feature. Cool!

And speaking of Honda, the company has announced that it is going to expand its "Honda Clarity" line to include an all-electric version as well as a plug-in hybrid next year. It says that the latest Honda Clarity version would be available later this year and yes, it's a fuel-cell automobile. Other versions will be ready next year.

The company's goal is that by the year 2030, it would have sold about two-thirds of its electrified autos, including plug-in hybrids and fuel cells. Interesting!

Volvo also announced that it will have two hybrid versions of every vehicle in its fleet. The company said it intends to do this and also release its first fully electric vehicle by the year 2019. The company's President Hakan Samuelsson, in a press release last month said that the company looks to be at the forefront of the shift to electrification as many other manufacturers already have some hybrid model or the other.

Volvo says that the first vehicle to get electrification will be the XC90 T8 Twin Engine SUV, which will be available soon. The company's goal is to have a million electrified vehicles on the road by the year 2025. Good work Volvo. keep it up!

Now unto the Tesla Model X. Hmmm! You know the Tesla brand right? And you should know about the Tesla Model X with falcon-wing doors, a 200-plus-mile battery range and proximity sensors necessary for safety by prevention of contact with other cars and other features.

Well, owners of the $138,000 sport utility auto, have been complaining about some unexpected malfunctions in the car's system. Owners have been saying that the car's falcon-wing doors wouldn't open, and in some cases, wouldn't shut, the huge infotainment screen in the car repeatedly, had frozen and even windows that wouldn't shut.

It's disturbing! Not like it can't be fixed but imagine having to drive your car with one hand holding the door of your car that wouldn't latch, or you having taking a Uber cab while you have a Tesla X parked in your garage. Hell no! Not exactly a pleasant scenario.

But Tesla Motors says it's working on it and will rectify the issues for every one customer.
And yes, we know they'll come through because, hello, it's Tesla we're talking about here. Like "The Tesla"? Uh uhn! It's a Sure Fix!

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